• We are dedicated to producing top quality pomskies with beauty and brains.

    We breed for health, temperament and the perfect miniature husky.




  • About

    Here at Ocean View Pomskies we produce top quality pomskies. We put a lot of money, time, effort and love into our breeding program to make the best family pets for you! All parent dogs are tested for genetic diseases prior to breeding to ensure healthy puppies are being born. We are located in Coos Bay, Oregon on 5.5 beautiful acres surrounded by woods and wildlife. We started our journey 5 years ago and it has been some of our best years bringing so much joy to new families. We are accredited members and a founding member of the Pomsky Breeders Association upholding a strict standard on pomsky breeding to only produce the best. We are also members on the International Pomsky Association , the Pomsky Owners Association and the APKC. You can also find us on Good Dog Breeders Program.. We offer online puppy training courses through Baxter and Bella Online Puppy Academy to help you learn how to train your new puppy so if you're interested in B&B send us an email and we can help you get started! All of our breeding dogs and puppies get NuVet wafers to help support a healthy immune system and keep you puppy safe from bacteria, viruses, cleaning agents, fertilizers, and even some foods that have preservatives and hormones. It helps provide all the nutrients to support your puppies development. fortify bone structure and more! All of our puppies go home being vet checked, given their first vaccine, routine de worming, health guarantee, started on crate/potty training, puppy care pack and so much more! We spend all day with our puppies socializing, playing, cuddling them and teaching them basic manners at an early age.




    Buyers on the Waiting List lock in a base price of $4,000 for any puppy chosen if it does not include the premiums below. This includes all eye colors, coat type, coat color and toy to standard sizing. We will no longer be basing pricing off these differences.



    Buyers who are not on the Waiting List lock in a base price of $4,500-5,000 for any puppy chosen if it does not include the premiums below. This includes all eye colors, coat type, coat color and toy to standard sizing. We will no longer be basing prices off these differences.



    Premium Fees are added in addition to the Lock In Pricing. ​


    Micros +$1,200

    Micro Pomskies are under 11lbs. If you purchase a puppy that is in the micro category add $1,200 to your Base Price Lock In. Micro Pomskies are VERY hard to create and only a select number of Breeders can create Micros. Most of our Micros are more than 50% Husky making them even more of a rarity.


    Blues & Lavanders +$2,000


    Blue & lavender are the rarest colors. Both come from the Pomeranian and are recessive genes. Due to the years of work needed to create these colors, the immense demand and beauty of blue and lavender Pomskies, they add a $2,000 premium to your Base Price Lock in.


    Breeding Rights +$3,000 

    Breeding is something we take pride in. It has taken us years to get where we are. We strive to produce and work with the best of the best in the Pomsky community and with that, if you want one of our dogs from our lines, we ask for a $3,000 Breeding Rights Premium. We include Free Mentorship and breeder support with all dogs sold with breeding rights.


    Holding deposits to hold the puppy you want is $1,000. All deposits are non refundable.



    Foster Homes 

    If you are located in Oregon and are looking for a pomsky but don't have the funds to pay full price for a puppy, we do offer foster homes to approved families. What is a foster home? Our foster homes receive our first pick puppy from a litter we produce for free in return the dog would be used for our breeding program to further expand and enhance our lines. If you're interested in becoming a foster home message us so we can discuss further. Below are 3 key points our guardian home must haves and have nots.

    - Must have fully fenced yard

    -Must not have any intact male or female dogs

    -Must bring dog to breeder for health/genetic testing, breeding, whelping or as needed for the breeder.



    ***Due to Covid-19 Visitation Polices are enforced to keep your family and my family safe***

    Home visitation is not allowed under any circumstances. Parvo is real and we are not a zoo. Allowing everyone and anyone to come and visit not only puts your puppy at risk but also puts our parent dogs, puppies and future litters at risk of dying and ruining our whole program. This is for the safety is our dogs and your puppy. Parvo, CHV, distemper, brucellosis, kennel cough, canine influenza, lepto and many other parasites/diseases can be tracked in on hands, feet, clothes, car tires and outside dogs unknowingly! All it takes is one sniff or lick from a puppy or dog in our program to be death sentenced if they catch the terrible parvo virus and many other contractible illnesses you, your family or your family's pet could bring in without even knowing it. This exact scenario has happened to TWO good friends of mine where their whole 8 week old litters were wiped out because a visitor tracked in parvo. This is simply not a risk we are willing to take. We have strict cleaning and handling protocols with our dogs and puppies to assure they stay 100% healthy! Please understand this rule is set in place to protect the welfare of our dogs and your puppy.

    Along with the safety of our animals this is also for the safety of our family. Sadly the world isn't what it used to be. People are posing as buyers just to come back and steal their dogs, rob them and scary enough some breeders have lost their lives because of this. Adding to this another terrible people ended up poisoning a breeder's dogs when they aren't looking because the breeder wouldn't sell them a certain puppy (I have links to ALL of these online, do a google search and see for yourself.) We have had to install motion cameras on every inch of our property because of situations that have happened in the past. Please understand how important our safety and our dog's safety is. If you have any questions about this please reach out. If you join the mentioned Facebook group you can see how involved we are with updates and showing you how the puppies and parent dogs are kept and raise. We also post live videos and offer facetime with potential puppy parents to help ease any worries that might be on one's mind. We also have a TON of past buyers who will vouch for us and our dogs. As always please contact us if you wish to speak more about this as we understand the importance of this rule on both sides of being a buyer and seller.



    We have a contract and will not place a puppy without a signed contract. We believe it's the professional thing to do to memorialize our obligations to each other on paper so there are no questions later and for that reason it's a bit lengthy. If you have questions about specific terms, you need to contact us prior to picking up your puppy. I will email you the contract once you choose your puppy which you will initial, sign and return to me.



    Dogs not sold with breeding rights are required to be spay and neutered prior to 12 months of age. Proof is required and this part of the contract is enforceable. If you originally buy under pet price but then wish to have breeding rights we do allow that for an additional fee. Please contact us for further information.


    Rehoming Provisions

    Keeping dogs out of shelters and in loving homes is EXTREMELY important to us. Making sure every puppy we raise stays in the best home possible is a commitment we make the day each puppy is born. With this we do have a very strict rehoming clause in our contract that states if for any reason you can no longer keep the puppy you buy from us you will contact us immediately and we will either assist you in finding your puppy a new perfect home or if you are in a rush/bind we will take the puppy back ourselves and find them a new perfect home. We still keep in touch with every single puppy we have ever raised and make it a priority to continue to do that. These puppies are a lifetime commitment and once we bring a puppy into this world, we are bound to assuring that puppy stays warm, happy and loved throughout its years.


    Our Commitment to You

    We have dedicated the last 5 years to bettering this breed. Along with that we strive to only raise the healthiest, most well-mannered and loyal lifelong companions you can find. All of our parent dogs are cleared from carrying over 150-180 genetic conditions to ensure only the healthiest Pomskies are created. Along with raising only the best quality Pomskies you can find, it is our duty to make this the best puppy buying experience possible. We offer lifetime breeder support and are here to help you with anything you ever need for the lifetime of your Pomsky. We are committed to always being swift in replying and offer any support/advice you may ever need when it comes to the Pomsky you bought from us. We will provide a support system with our past buyers and other Pomsky parents to also help in any way when raising this amazing breed. Our commitment to you is that we are here for you and your puppy from the day you bring them home to the day they take their last breath. While you are this puppy's everything and their last.... please remember that we were their first.



    Hazel is our miniature husky. She is very playful and loves to be around her family, She is always hanging around Maisy. She is DNA tested and clear of genetic diseases. Hazel has pomsky cross puppies because she is a Kolu husky. We do sell her puppies lower than our pomsky puppies due to the cross. She is Embarked.


    Our AKC Pomeranian stud. He has sired many litters and has had tons of puppies with the perfect mini husky look. He is genetic disease tested.


    He is one of our F2 pomskies. He loves people. He is Embarked. He is a stunning pomsky with an amazing color panel. Paired to the right girls they will have every color and all be husky masked.



    He is our blue AKC merle. He is Embarked



    She is our silver and white AKC female. She is Embarked



    She is an F2 plush gray and white pomsky. She is Embarked..



    She is an F1 gray and white pomsky. She carries the intensity gene. She is Embarked.



    She is our RARE lilac pomsky. She is a pocket pomsky and will be the start to our pocket line.. She is Embarked.



    She is our gorgeous very wooly pocket pomsky. She is an F1 and will have pocket pomskies for us.



    She is a gorgeous extreme wooly Siberian Husky. She is a cuddle bug.


  • Available Puppies

    Please note:

    As we get DNA results and watch the puppies grow, weight charts change, etc.- available puppies prices can change at any time whether its up or down.


    Bennet is a gorgeous boy with two blue eyes. He carries the dilute gene and red and can make blue and lilacs. He is charting 5-12 pounds



  • Stud Services

    Below are our available studs and their fee's


    F2 Pomsky

    Groot is a 15 pound F2 pomsky. He has a wooly coat and an open husky mask. He is embarked-

    Color traits- EE, awaw, Dd, bb



    His puppies range 12-35 pounds on average



    $4,000 for female that doesn't carry dilute

    $5,000 for a female that carries dilute or first pick puppy



    Zeus is a blue merle with tan points. He is 8 pounds and is embarked,

    Color traits- Ee, atat, DD, Bb







    Elvis is a parti with tan points. He is 8 pounds

    Color traits- Ee, atat, DD, BB


    STUD FEE: $3,500


  • Deposits
    • All Deposits/Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE**
      • Deposits are transferred to future litters, whenever available. 
      • Deposits are accepted in Venmo, Cash App or Facebook Pay.
        • Deposits EXPIRE after 12 month time frame. You must pick a puppy within 12 months of placing your deposit or your deposit will be forfeited.
        • Deposits are accepted in Venmo, Cash App or Facebook Pay.
        • QUOTED PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME! We are constantly improving our lines, enhancing testing and bettering the breed. This means at any time prices are subject to raise. If you place a deposit in 2021, the prices for 2022 are subject to increase. We reserve this right and you acknowledge this right by passing on litters for an extended time frame from placing your deposit.
    • All sales are FINAL (no refunds even if you return the puppy). See Contract for more information. 
    • There are NO CASH REFUNDS
    • We will exchange your puppy if it has a life threatening genetic defect within its first 24 months of life (as outlined in the health guarantee)
    • We do not guarantee against common problems in puppies such as hernias, cryptorchidism (pet buyers), parasites etc. (as outlined in the health guarantee)
    • Payment is due either at pick up in CASH ONLY or by 6 weeks of age via Venmo or Cash App. No acceptions! We will not under any circumstances take checks, money orders, PayPal etc for final payment.
    Pick Up
    • Pick up dates are to be scheduled in advance. Puppies can leave at 8 weeks of age. We like to schedule and reserve pick up dates when the puppies are between 4 and 6 weeks as we have families coming from all over to pick up.
    • Plan to pick up your puppy in the Coos Bay area. Due to the extended care needed for moms and puppies, at this time we do not drive more than 15 minutes to meet buyers. Plan ahead to make the trip to Coos Bay when your puppy turns 8 weeks of age. If pick up cannot be scheduled by the time the puppy is 8 weeks a fee of $50/day will be charged for boarding, training, veterinary appointments, feed, vaccinations, dewormings etc. Please plan accordingly.
    Meeting with our driver
    If you need your puppy taken to Eugene Oregon to meet with the flight nanny or picking up there, we have a transporter who can take them at buyers expense. Eugene is $150. This covers the drivers cost of gas and time. If you can’t afford this, we recommend renting a car and coming to Coos Bay.
    Out of State Clients
    • Due to Covid-19 we STRONGLY suggest you fly or drive here to pick up your puppy. Transport is unpredictable at this time. It is alot cheaper and easier for out of state clients to book a flight to EUG or PDX and carry your puppy back to your state with you. Quotes for our Personal Flight Nanny Service are subject to increase and change if flights are missed, extra puppy fees are charged etc. We have no control over these costs and you resume the responsibility to pay promptly if the Extra Flight Fees are charged while in transit. This could cause flights to increase to up to $800. Our flight nanny is $550 on average.
    • We again highly suggest you drive to Coos Bay or fly yourself into EUG.
    Breeders and Breeding Rights
    • To those who have been approved for breeding rights, do know that pricing and full right fees are subject to change if you sit on the Waiting List longer than 12 months. As you are aware, we are constantly enhancing our line to better the breed and with better quality comes more expensive breeding stock and higher prices. If you pass within the year you place a deposit you understand that we may not have any puppies within that price range in the future.
    • Full rights costs are subject to increase at every year's end as we analyze our current lines, costs to obtain them and compare to the current market value. You know the market changes year to year and so do prices. We will honor the prices originally quoted if purchase is made in the 12 month time frame but if you keep passing and your deposit rolls over then you assume the risk of higher pricing.
    • We are NO LONGER Embarking puppies for choosing purposes. Due to COVID-19 embark results are taking 6-10 weeks to get back. We believe that it is not fair to ask us to hold a puppy that long waiting on results which can lead you to back out on an 8-12 week old puppy, leaving them homeless. You know this is the critical bonding stage for a young puppy. We could never ask another breeder to do that for us so we in turn we ask to not be tasked with this either.
    • We WILL however accept Gensol, Animal Genetics and Paw Print genetics swabs to be sent prior to birth for us to test for individual desired genes. We will test within the first week of life as results will be back before 5 weeks of age. These costs are to be paid by you and you must send them prior to delivery.

      Breeding Rights for our pomskies is an additional $3,000 fee or first pick puppy from a future pairing.

    We ourselves are on Waiting Lists with other breeders. We understand their programs and polices can change at any time. We understand breeders need a very specific thing for their program but we also understand things are not guaranteed and how "at risk" breeding is in many aspects. We believe in doing unto others as you would like them done onto you. We put ourselves in the shoes of both breeder and buyer as we handle our policy changes. We respect your program changes and enhancements as we work together to better this breed, please respect ours.
    Right of Refusal
    • Ocean View Pomskies, LLC reserves the right to deny the sale of a puppy at any time to any buyer. We have the responsibility to find perfect and forever homes for our puppies.
    • If for some reason, for any reason deemed fit to us that you would not be a good fit for our puppies, we reserve the right to cancel the sale at any time.
  • Wait List Information

    Lock in Pricing is subject to change at any time due to market changes. However, if you lock in a price on the Waiting List, that is honored for your 12 month Waiting List time frame.


    Deposit to join our wait list is $1,000. It is non refundable and expires after 12 months.


  • Melissa is by far the best breeder I have ever seen. She cares about the health and well being of her puppies, and makes sure every single one ends up in a life long loving home! She treats her puppies as if they were her own children, putting them first 100% of the time. Anyone that gets a pup from Melissa is lucky, she makes sure her well bred pups only go to the best and loving homes! If there were more than 5 stars she would have them! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Melissa is very diligent on produce perfect puppies. She’s sweet and just look at her beautiful puppy photos.

    I love my Pomsky puppy Blaze (formerly known as Chocolate Chip). I've had him for 2 weeks now. He is adorable, smart and has a good temperament. Melissa was very helpful and super easy to communicate with. She sent me frequent updates about my puppy. I highly recommend Ocean View Pomskies

    Melissa goes out of her way to provide beautiful quality healthy puppies. She's great to work with. You will not be disappointed with an Ocean View Pomsky.

    My family & I are extremely happy with our Buddy. He is super sweet & he turns A LOT of heads. I wouldn't change a thing in my choice to get a Pomsky from O.V.P. I loved the entire process, from learning the adoption, information & updates, to picking puppy up & bringing him home. I highly recommend O.V.P. & Melissa, she's an amazing breeder & puts a lot of time into her pups. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Melissa is a great person and good breeder. My Roxy has a great personality and gets along with my kids and cats. She updated me all along the way couldn't ask for a better person to work with.

    Melissa is an amazing breeder and I would highly recommend purchasing from OVP. She has such a big heart and spoils all of her babies so much. Her passion for Pomskies really shines in the community! Anyone would be blessed to purchase from her!

    We couldn’t be more happy with our experience with Ocean View Pomskies. Our perfect little girl, Ember, is everything and MORE than we could have hoped for. Melissa was amazing to work with, answered every question we had and made us feel so comfortable. We highly highly recommend any puppy from her

    Melissa's awesome and such a wonderful, caring breeder. Five stars from me!

    Adorable pups!!!Melissa has a true passion for breeding these beautiful pups.Easy to work with and so accommodating to your needs and wants. Well educated on the process and blood lines as well.

    I waited for two years just to get a perfect, trusting, fun and loving 100% Siberian Husky from Melissa’s dog Lexi who has not only been health tested to show her perfect genetics but also visits care homes and is a certified therapy dog. With her personality she had some of the most amazing Siberian Husky pups that I am so grateful to have finally ❤️

    She puts her whole heart into her dogs. She is kind and communicative. She wants what’s best for her furbabies and that they find their forever homes.

    Melissa is hands down a TOP NOTCH Breeder !
    She is one of a kind and I have yet to find any other breeder anything like her. She is extremely responsive and communication is KEY; She keeps you up to date with pictures and videos pretty much on demand. She has heart and compassion and it shows in the quality of her work. She puts love, time, energy, effort and socialization into her puppies. I would HIGHLY recommend Melissa and Ocean View Pomskies !

    Love her puppies! They’re very well socialized and full of love. She is great to work with and makes everything easy for the buyer!

    Melissa's pomsky puppies are going to be some of the best! She takes such good care of her dogs and I have no doubt that these puppies will be amazing!

    Ocean View has been professional, timely, and consistent. Very knowledgeable about the breed, how to care for them. We have seen their home and where the puppies are raised and cared for, along with their adult dogs- it is a top notch breeding kennel that places health of their dogs first! They go out of their way to educate customers and provide support. Their breeding program truly is selective and they have high breeding standards. Our family is truly impressed with Melissa! She is our go to pomsky pal! Anyone would be so lucky to get an Ocean View Pomsky puppy.

    Amazing person amazing dogs amazing in every way!❤️

    adorable, well cared for, healthy puppies would definitely recommend


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